Post-apocalypse Smart City Lagoon

Dani Ploeger
Venice , May 2018 – Indefinitely

An offline and online reworking of the smart city as a site of catastrophe: instead of using smart technologies to optimize, enhance and comfort the status-quo of urban life, Post-Apocalypse Smart City Lagoon consists of 250 public trash cans equipped with QR codes that lead to visions of the remains of consumer culture after the ultimate flood.

Bin with QR code in Venice

The work is a satellite of the Ideal Spaces Working Group exhibition at Palazzo Mora during the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018. Across Venice, QR codes have been attached to over 250 trashcans of three different types. When you scan a code with an Android smartphone it will load a 360 degree videoscape that shows trashcans of the same model you scanned, floating in a vast water mass, green like the Venice lagoon.