Diego Depetto
March 2019

- The following night I found myself in a nightmare inside a volcano and from the depths of the Earth I felt myself thrown into interplanetary spaces in the form of eruptive rock.

- Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth


The artistic and experiential itinerant installation RESIZED VOLCANO, sponsored by the European Cultural Center ECC, the ANGI Italian-Chinese New Generation Association and the Ideal Spaces Group, will be inaugurated on March 24th in conjunction with the Kids Sound Fest at the National Science Museum and of the Leonardo da Vinci Technology of Milan.

It is a symbol, an artifice aimed at listening to one's emotions, in which one embarks on a journey with oneself, within the emotional "volcano" that exists in each of us.

The visitor takes part at the precise moment of the volcanic eruption, portrayed as an imaginative and immersive snapshot. In addition to the visual emotional aspect, a fundamental element that enriches and makes the perceptive experience unique is the sound.