ideal spaces working group Stiftung (foundation)

The Ideal Spaces Working Group is associated with a foundation (acc. to German law), which was acknowledged on December 12th, 2019 acc. to § 80 BGB and §5 StiftG for Baden-Württemberg.

The overall purpose of the foundation is to promote Science and Research (§ 52, par. 1, no.1 AO), and to promote Arts and Culture (§52, par. 1 no. 5 AO), with emphasis on the following areas:

  • The research of morphological processes, phenomena of gestalt formation, and -change
  • Spatial concepts in the History of Ideas and in the historical development 
  • Utopian concepts and ideal spaces
  • To contribute to the creation of spaces for alternative urban planning and -development
  • Fundraising for the above purposes

The group aims to establish connections between the aforementioned areas and community and space, together with their history and histories of ideas and with regard to the basic assumptions (implicit or explicit) underlying the diverse concepts, which led to these respective spaces.

The foundation follows charitable purposes.