• Ulrich Gehmann
    Ulrich Gehmann

    Founder and Director
    Background: Dr.phil., humanist education. Career in management and government consultancy; history, anthropology

  • Andreas Siess
    Andreas Siess

    Founding member, Conceptional design & programs
    Background:  Research and interactive media art

  • Michael Johansson
    Michael Johansson

    Founding member, New developments and Digital Design
    Background: Fine arts. Associate professor in digital media Kristianstad university.

  • Faranak Tiba
    Faranak Tiba

    Digital Designer, Social media communication, Website
    Background: Digital & Graphic designer, UX/UI designer, 3D/2D animator, and modelling

  • Flora Loughridge
    Flora Loughridge

    Background: Research Consultant with an interdisciplinary arts background and focus on modern architecture and design

  • Emöke Bada
    Emöke Bada

    Funding, Benchmarking, Coordination
    Background: Media Art & Media Arts Cultures

  • Massimo Venturi
    Massimo Venturi

    History of Ideas, Philosophical backgrounds
    Background: Professor in Aesthetics at Universities of Milano Statale, Politecnico di Milano, Urbino, Salerno, Buenos Aires.

  • Ulrike Sattler
    Ulrike Sattler

    Background: Interior design, garden design

  • <meta charset="utf-8">Mauro Ferrario
    Mauro Ferrario

    Creative Coder, Project Manager
    Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan

  • Matthias Bühler (Vrbn studios)
    Matthias Bühler (Vrbn studios)

    3D worlds
    Background: MSc Arch ETH Zurich

  • Sean D'Antoni
    Sean D’Antoni

    Art Concepts / Podcast
    Fine Arts Master’s degree

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