Ideal Spaces News Splash

Ideal Spaces News Splash

Workshop Dialogue, Polis, and Democracy

The first video episode of the Workshop Dialogue, Polis, and Democracy is ready for viewing on our website. Please have a look at it here. Presently, we are finishing up the remaining 3 episodes. 


We have a new series of podcasts in preparation, dealing with the general theme of democracy, community, and the neoliberal agenda, in preparation relative to our symposium on that agenda.


That general theme will also be the central focus of the second issue in our journal Urban Eidos. For more information, please look in the Call for Contributions-section, at Journal Urban Eidos – Ideal Spaces

Photo Credit – U. Gehmann: Neoliberal Democracy. Graffiti, Athens


In the ongoing process of building Ideal Spaces’ international network, on behalf of Ideal Spaces, Grant Raynham organized a dinner at the Cannes Film Festival and introduced Ideal Spaces to a selected group of international film entrepreneurs. The aim was to bring top international business people to understand the importance of art, architecture, and community relative to the ongoing cultural industry worldwide.

Photo 1: Cannes Film Festival⁣

From this dinner and other meetings during the Cannes Film Festival, France, Ideal Spaces was able to establish initial interest in its work and to gain cohesion to an important target group. 

Photo: Grant Raynham on behalf of Ideal Spaces with a Malaysian film producer where he presented Ideal Spaces at a dinner