Artificial natures – Symposium

Symposium “Artificial natures”

Venice Biennale for Architecture, 27 – 28 May 2018
Palazzo Rossini, Venice, Italy

The symposium featred presentations from:

Yulia Leonova – Garden City of Tel Aviv
Sharon Golan, White City Centre – By Leaves We Live
Dr. Jeremie Hoffman, White City Centre – The Making of Utopia
Natanel Elfassy, Avital Gourary, AN+ – Demonstration of 3D Modeling of Tel Aviv
Christoph Mülller – KIT The Four Elements
Ksenia Malich, PhD, State Hermitage Museum – Perception of avant-garde architecture in 1920-30’s
Arthur Goldyuk, Technion University, Haifa– “Desart Fractal”
Dr Dani Ploeger, CSSD – From Smart City to Urban Digi-Doomsaying
Livia Stac, Piet Zwart Institute, Student – The Anthropogenic Landscape: How Human Shapes Nature
Lisa Swanstrom, University of Utah – A Field Guide to Artificial Nature
Mathias Bühler, – The work of
Karen Elizabeth Bishop, Rutgers University – History as Artificial Nature
Sam Olshin, AIA – A Future-Orientated Preservation
Antonio Lara-Hernandez, University of Portsmouth, Student (presented by Diago Repetto) – The introduction of nature in the radical thinking

Link to “Artificial natures anthology”.