Photo by Samuel Sianipar on Unsplash
artificial natures

The Music

Alexander Kadin, Ulrich Gehmann 

Music is a very important aspect to reveal the respective world’s nature, in a unity with the images from it. So, each of the worlds shown in the triptych has its own music, aimed at presenting that world’s essence and atmosphere, also that of the worlds shown in the arcades which are assigned to the respective world in the triptych.

Based on his interpretations of works from G. F. Händel and M. Ravel, musician and composer Alexander Kadin and his team, the Experimental Tone Studio Odek, tried to open up new ways of musical composition to make the character of these worlds apparent. In addition, basic similarities between different worlds were worked out in musical terms, to evoke a sense for the individual – what makes a peculiar world to the world it is – as well as for traits those worlds have in common. To achieve this, the music had not only to be brought in balance of expression with the visual images of the worlds; moreover, by using the technique of the kontrapunkt or counterpoint, to work out characteristics of the world in question which were not, and cannot, revealed by visual images alone. A (visual) cannot “explain” everything what is presented within its terms, there remains a symbolic meaning that needs another kind of imagery than the visual does. This additional meaning can be revealed by music. With the method of the kontrafaktur, meanings can be completed and new perspectives of imagination opened up. Moreover, in following this line, variations can be developed, offering additional vistas on the same thematic issue. By doing so, the vividness, durability and validity of elements, in case of our worlds, musical and others, can be revealed and made aware to the audience.

The Musicians:
Alexander Kadin, overall composition, contrabass
Jochen Heibertshausen, ´soúnd, recording
Viktor Kadin, composition assistance, post-production .
Ekaterina Mamyscheva, soprano
Olga Zheltikova, piano
Aram Badalian and Duru Seong, violin
Christina Strimbeanu, viola
Leonard Kadin and A. Kadin, violoncello