Community & Concepts of Resilience, the Italian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2021


Ideal Spaces Working Group’s one-day workshop illuminates crucial aspects of ‘resilience’ that are not typically addressed in mainstream discourse on this topic. In a series of presentations delivered by experts, and broadcast live from the Italian Pavilion in Venice, we investigate the effects of ‘negative’, system-induced resilience, the relationship between resilience and sustainability, resilience and utopia, as well as spatial and aesthetic expressions of resilient communities. We address how these ideas relate more broadly to contemporary research on resilience, such as the impact of climate change, associated ecological consequences, and the development of ‘resilient communities’ in our technology-focused world.

TOPIC 1 – Notions of resilience (00:11:25)
TOPIC 2 – Resilience, community & utopia (01:27:37)
TOPIC 3 – Resilience, community & architecture (02:33:44)
TOPIC 4 – Large-scale systems, resilience & technology (04:07:33)
TOPIC 5 – Creative communities & the future of resilience (05:06:34)

The workshop’s interdisciplinary focus and open discussions aim to encourage participants to think creatively about new developments in resilience: how the foundations of a resilient community could be established by spatial designers, planners, and architects in the future; and last but not least, by the inhabitants of such environments themselves.