The People’s Smart Sculpture

Michael Johansson

“The People’s Smart Sculpture” (PS2) fosters participative art and collaborative urban art & cultural practices in Europe’s cross-cultural city spaces. It is a collaborative project involving 12 partners in 11 sub-projects in 8 European countries with artists and creatives from 29 European countries and with several associated partners in Europe. The approach works on two levels: the implementation of cultural participation projects by artists, creatives and researchers and the ongoing optimization of the art and participation aspects in these projects through reflection and evaluation in participation workshops-series in the 8 countries. We will integrate diverse groups of people into a practical dimension of re-design of the urban environment. The People’s Smart Sculpture is about social art in European spaces. Artists, citizens, creatives with a new user’s perception and new skills more and more change cities into places of art, culture, and science: into European spaces of a new public. It expresses the cooperation between everyone involved – participatory artwork with a utopian aesthetic, bringing with it the promise of partaking therein also through production, comments, selection, evaluations, and critique. The activities in our project are inspired by the idea of connecting more purposefully artistic works from local and European artists and creatives with local social dynamics. It is intended to be directly linked to the development of our collective living circumstances, a cultural charrette, play, test-field and art place.

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