Video navigation panel for artificial natures worlds (2018 Venice exhibition Artificial Natures)

Research questions

  • How can we extend the time spent in our exhibition in a playful way?
  • Is it possible to elicit an overall, consistent impression about a world’s very nature, by the Perception of similar gestalten?


We built a navigation panel that through physical object representing all of the 6 worldsArtificial Natures exhibition, Venice 2018: The basic presentation method was to show space in its dimensionalities, as an experience of spatiality. It was about space as totality from a world, not about the details constituting that space. And how such totalities became new second natures for humans.

People involved

MIchael Johansson design, Mauro Ferraro programming and hardware integration, Friedrich Seiler the panel.

References internal

The basic method was to select a world out of the presented ones, via a physical panel, and to show that main world, together with aligning worlds which are morphologically similar. Through that, an overall impression about the nature of the main world selected should be evoked.