Growing our networks in uncertain times?places

Growing our networks in uncertain times?places

Tue, Sep 08, 2020 | 1:30 pm
Sat, Sep 12, 2020 | 2:30 pm

Utopia as Uncertainty – the issue of decentralisation versus classical utopias

The archistic, classical utopia is a completely planned desired state for the future in social and architectural terms. It is the elimination of uncertainty. However all utopias are uncertain because it is a proposed future and the future is uncertain. All utopias, archistic or not equals the intended elimination of uncertainty because their aim is to end history and hence uncertainty.

Decentralisation is needed to ensure full democracy and ensure that human rights are truly lived. The ideal of decentralisation in the Eurosphere is based upon the idea of the greek polis. In times of urban agglomerations, of growing populations and danger of diseases, as the COVID-19 situation reveals – the need for encompassing social control and surveillance increases politically and endangers any serious democratic event of decentralising.

What then about decentralised, so-called „anarchistic“ utopias opposed to the classical, archistic type? And about the hope inherent to every utopia, that humans are liberated from constraints, injustice and pain?

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