Interview with Greg Delaune: The Blue Economy

In this episode, co-founder of Deep Blue Institute and expert in green, clean and smart cities Greg Delaune joins us on the Ideal Spaces Podcast to speak to us about the multi-scale regenerative marine infrastructure projects that Deep Blue Institute is leading in the Bayou region, Louisiana. Greg explains why the transition to a “blue economy” is so critical: he outlines the benefits of a more sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystem. Greg also shares with us the challenges that the institute and its partners face in their work to preserve and restore at-risk aquatic ecosystems most impacted by climate change and other human-caused damage. We learn about Deep Blue Institute’s ‘three legged’ approach to building a blue economy and how this will allow the Bayou region to become a global leader in the deployment and scaling of critical marine infrastructure solution sets.

Greg Delaune is an internationally recognised consultant, teacher, speaker, and writer specialising in public-private partnerships (PPPs) for green cities and smart cities, regenerative floating cities, sustainable economic development, and innovation ecosystem design. He is the Co-founder and CEO of The Urban Innovation Exchange (UIX Global), Co-founder of Deep Blue Institute, and founder and editor of the blog IMPACT URBANISM (

Greg Delaune is the Co-founder of Deep Blue Institute (website link in the Show Notes below)
Deep Blue Institute, Floating City model
Greg Delaune

Show Notes

Click the following links to view Greg’s project work:

The Urban Innovation Exchange (UIX Global) –

Deep Blue Institute –


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