Interview with Khalid Kadir: Engineering Social Justice

Podcast co-hosts Flora Loughridge and Ulrich Gehmann speak to Dr. Khalid Kadir, a Continuing Lecturer at UC Berkeley and recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award, UC Berkeley’s most prestigious honor for teaching. In this episode, we discuss the intersection of poverty, engineering expertise and politics, as well as the complex role that expertise plays in the politics of international development and poverty alleviation. Along the way, we talk about everything from social media and Silicon Valley to resilience, utopia and who is accountable for the social injustice in the technology-focused society we have built.⁣

Khalid Kadir, Continuing Lecturer at UC Berkeley

Show Notes

04:18 – Langdon Winner, ‘Do Artifacts have Politics?’ (1980)

37:56 – Khalid Kadir, ‘Engineering Social Justice’, Berkeley Engineer Spring (2014)

38:00 -The #GlobalPOV Project: ‘Can Experts Solve Poverty?’ With Khalid Kadir

The #GlobalPOV​ Project is a programme of the Global Poverty and Practice (GPP) Minor. Based at the Blum Center for Developing Economies, University of California, Berkeley, the GPP Minor creates new ways of thinking about poverty, inequality and undertaking poverty action.

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