Notions of Space

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Ideal Spaces podcast. Flora Loughridge is joined by the founder of Ideal Spaces Working Group, Ulrich Gehmann, and Michael Johannson, who leads New Developments and Digital Design at Ideal Spaces to explore the question ‘What is Space?’. This episode is the first in a series of 10 ‘vignettes’, in which the Ideal Spaces team discusses the driving forces behind society as it is today: not only the built ‘architectural’ world we live in, but also the human processes of social imagination that architecture is an expression of.

In this episode, the contributors are:

  • Flora Loughridge
    Flora Loughridge

  • Ulrich Gehmann
    Ulrich Gehmann

  • Michael Johansson
    Michael Johansson

An ideal space: standstill from our exhibition Ideal Spaces, Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016: vista of an ideal city designed by Leonardo da Vinci

Tapestry. Moscow exhibition on Community & Place, Schusev State Museum of Architecture, 2020

Centre Mondial (1913), exhibition Community & Place

Terrace World, exhibition Community & Place

Mountain World, exhibition Community & Place

Worldmaking – designing for audience participation, immersion and interaction in virtual and real spaces

Interactiondevice for the visitor to play videos Venice Biennale 2018

Fritz Lang, Metropolis, 1927

Drawings and city models for Metropolis: Erich Kettelhut: Der Schatten des Architekten (München: Belleville, 2009).

Arcadian landscape, as the atmospheric event: Jan Meerhoud, Amsterdam 1677: river landscape. Property of the Gehmann family.

Photograms, 1920s. László Moholy-Nagy; Andreas Haus, Moholy-Nagy, photographs and photograms (New York: Pantheon Books, c. 1980)

Cildo Meireles, Babel, 2001, Tate Modern, London

Babel 2001 Cildo Meireles born 1948 Purchased jointly by Tate, London (with the assistance of the Latin American Acquisitions Committee) and the D.Daskalopoulos Collection, 2013, as a promised gift to Tate

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