Mindsets as world-generative force

Research questions

  • Relation between mindsets and architectures: Mindsets and their constitutive ideas rested in cultural heritage (mythol. background included) and world view: to which architectures they lead? Evolution of lead ideas, and architectural expression. 
  • Vice versa: architectures, first of all spatial alignments and styles, as indicators for leading ideas
  • Evolution of longue durée-cultural traits
Reims Cathedral, Exhibition Ideal Spaces 2016



  • Architectural expression deeply rests in mindset, i.e. a certain world view with its constituting basic assumptions,
  • First of all as regards a conditio humana: for which kind(s) of human beings which architecture is made?
  • Longue durée-ideas are fundamental here, expressing themselves in such assumptions
  • Those ideas form part of a body commonly termed as “cultural knowledge”, being part of a culture-specific heritage
  • That heritage is more than just ‘tradition’ because it consists of those ideas/assumptions mentioned
  • All these aspects are undervalued in architectural discourse, despite they had been mentioned in the older literature (e.g., by Gottfried Semper, E. Panofsky, V. Vercelloni)
  • On methodological grounds, crucial is the connection of symbolic meaning and architectural expression, also in those cases where there was no explicit symbolism intended but pure “functionality”


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People involved

U. Gehmann, M. Johansson, A. Siess, F. Loughridge.

References internal

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References external

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