De-Sign environment Landscape city: RESILIENT COMMUNITIES

De-Sign environment Landscape city: RESILIENT COMMUNITIES

Sun, May 30, 2021 | 9:30 am
Sun, May 30, 2021 | 5:30 pm

Abstraction and Resilience – Symbolics and Space
We address how abstract conceptions underlying assumptions, imagination and concrete views shape spatial construction and its representations, and how spatial creation tries to organize meaning and influence perception and understanding. With regard to the built environment, resilience depends on how a space is perceived by its inhabitants and how spaces designed for communities reflect this, especially their symbolic properties as ideal spaces for communal living. These properties are connected to the ways in which space is expressed via its overall shape as gestalt.
The event is held at The Biennale di Venezia 2021 in collaboration with The University of Genova
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